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Pattern Equipment in Michigan

Warner Brothers Foundry Company is your premier source for non-ferrous castings with a convenient location in the greater Detroit, Michigan, area. As a family-owned and -operated business since 1955, our team is dedicated to building relationships with customers through personalized solutions. We provide numerous customization options for orders ranging in size. We also have the ability to model castings into diverse shapes through pattern making.

Your project manager will offer recommendations for metal casting pattern designs after hearing more about your applications. You can count on our staff to steer you in the right direction toward moldings ideal for prototype components and your final stages of production.


Creating Metal Casting Patterns

What Is Pattern Equipment?

Pattern equipment makes it possible to produce metal parts and attachments in specific shapes and dimensions. As metals are heated to liquid form, pattern equipment is introduced to make imprints in the mold. An exact replica of the pattern is produced once liquid metals enter the cooling stage.

You can think of a metal casting pattern like a model. Warner Brothers Foundry Company utilizes pattern equipment technology for consistency between batches, and we use a variety of wood and plastic materials to get the job done. By partnering with our pattern equipment company in Michigan, you get the satisfaction of knowing your orders are in capable, experienced hands.

Uses of Metal Casting Pattern Equipment

Metal casting patterns speed up production timelines, and the majority of replicas we create can be used more than once. Warner Brothers Foundry Company is proud to work with professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including aerospace, automotive, plumbing and agricultural industries, to make blueprint drawings a reality. Applications of metal casting pattern equipment include:

  • Interior and exterior vehicle parts.
  • Engine compartment housings.
  • Plumbing pipelines and hardware.
  • Irrigation system components.
inside view of a pattern equipment machine

Our Pattern Equipment Services

At Warner Brothers Foundry Company, we use industry-leading equipment to create casting patterns from scratch. It’s our goal to fulfill orders according to your budget by limiting waste and giving you the option to store patterns within our facility for future use. Some of our most popular pattern equipment services in Michigan are outlined below:

  • CNC cut pattern equipment: Warner Brothers Foundry Company has access to computer-based programs to create intricate patterns. Our staff draws from decades of experience to form 3D patterns with precision.
  • Wood pattern equipment: Our facility near Detroit, Michigan, handles pine materials and other cost-effective options to design patterns with exceptional tensile strength. Wooden replica patterns can be created quickly to keep projects on schedule.
  • Polystyrene pattern equipment: Warner Brothers Foundry Company understands evaporative methods for expanded polystyrene casting projects in Michigan. We use sand throughout the molding process to ensure patterns take on your desired shape.
inside view of a pattern equipment machine
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