Non-Destructive Testing

Nondestructive Testing Services in Michigan

Businesses in need of non-ferrous castings expect their orders to last the test of time. Environmental elements, working conditions and frequent use are known to cause wear and tear on metal components, so it’s crucial to assess parts before integrating them into production lines. At Warner Brothers Foundry Company, our experts have the capability to create metal casting products and complete nondestructive testing procedures from our facility in the Detroit, Michigan, area.

What Is Nondestructive Testing (NDT)?

Nondestructive testing involves placing metal materials under high-stress conditions to assist with quality control. The testing process looks different based on the type of alloy you select for a casting, but the intent is to evaluate metals for any signs of damage. Catching imperfections or deterioration across a metal surface helps to eliminate the need for a repair or replacement casting down the road.

As the name of the nondestructive testing process suggests, metal materials are unharmed during the inspection. Equipment users are able to identify characteristics of an alloy for any defects without having to scrap the original part by the time the analysis is complete.


Benefits of NDT

A nondestructive test provides valuable insight into the structural integrity of a metal casting without interfering with performance. Components that pass each stage of the analysis are likely to perform better when it comes time to use the metal materials in a real-world setting. The NDT process increases safety initiatives for businesses by ensuring metal parts can perform as intended.

Our non-destructive testing services in Michigan allow us to perfect castings before they reach equipment operators and consumers. The NDT process comes with several benefits, including:

  • Boosting the reliability of casting products.
  • Providing critical data that can influence repairs and further engineering.
  • Determining whether a metal casting meets industry standards.
  • Lowering the chances of employee accidents on the job site.
  • Streamlining the production process for efficiency.

Our Nondestructive Testing Capabilities

Warner Brothers Foundry Company provides customers with durable metal castings for use in a wide range of industries. Since 1955, our company has had a strong focus on creating castings with an unmatched level of quality. Our ability to complete non-destructive tests in Michigan ensures your orders exceed expectations. We will assess casting stability through the following methods:

Visual Testing

Our professionals look at metal castings with magnifying glasses and digital systems to spot premature cracks.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Warner Brothers Foundry Company uses low-viscosity liquids to identify indentations and open pores across metal surfaces. The procedure allows us to find visible leaks before they pose problems.

Radiographic (X-Ray) Testing

A non-destructive testing technique that identifies defects and flaws in components.

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