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Casting and Machining Services in Michigan

Metal casting procedures provide the flexibility to create metal parts in any shape. Thanks to patterns and molds, professionals in the industry are able to produce components quickly and accurately. However, there are situations in which further modifications are in order so that a piece installs correctly within vehicles, construction equipment, plumbing networks and more.

Warner Brothers Foundry Company creates non-ferrous castings, and we have the ability to machine products for complex projects. We’re your premier metalworking company in Michigan, helping clients streamline production for over 65 years.


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What are Machine Castings?

Machine casting or machining involves cutting or grinding sections of alloy materials. The goal behind this process is to manipulate the shape and dimensions of a metal cast so that parts are compatible with a given piece of technology. Machining services require metalworkers to program computer software for precision.

Machining reduces the chance of human error across a casting project. Equipment users input a series of parameters within computer software to form three-dimensional designs.

Benefits of Machine Casting

Machine casting is ideal for high-volume production, as the components turn out identical. Virtually no manual labor is involved in altering a metal alloy, which keeps production timelines on schedule. The machining process takes less time to complete when compared to manual methods.

CNC cutting methods are excellent for generating geometric shapes. Blueprint designs can incorporate detailed surface features and holes for mounting hardware without an issue. Here are some of the main advantages of machine services from Warner Brothers Foundry Company:

  • Machining designs can be repeated for multiple batches.
  • Our technology may be programmed for automation.
  • There is no need to cut or modify castings upon arrival.
  • Machining procedures minimize waste.
  • Our staff is able to seal surfaces and porous holes.
  • You can expedite production to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Machine Casting Services Near Detroit, Michigan

The experts at Warner Brothers Foundry Company work extensively with CNC machining technology. All our metalworkers are highly trained to tackle complicated jobs with ease. Your project manager will address common machining tasks outlined below to ensure your non-ferrous castings exceed expectations:


Warner Brothers Foundry Company has the means to rotate castings for cutting procedures. CNC lathes create curves and smooth edges when rotating exposed surfaces against cutting tools.


Many automotive parts, aerospace components and hardware pieces call for pre-drilled holes. Our machine casting facility in Michigan allows you to configure castings with cylindrical holes to help with assembly.


Select machines at Warner Brothers Foundry Company feature rotating cutters for large metal products. Programmed milling machines make it possible to manipulate surfaces without moving the sample.


We use abrasive grinding wheels to give metal surfaces a desired finish and texture.

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In need of non-ferrous castings for an upcoming project? Warner Brothers Foundry Company helps with all stages of engineering for reliability and quality control. We guarantee our casting quality and complete orders with impressive turnaround times from our headquarters in the Detroit, Michigan, area.

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