Metal Blasting Services

Glass Bead, Sand, and Shot Blasting Services in Michigan

Since 1955, the experts at Warner Brothers Foundry Company have been creating original castings for clients in diverse industries. It’s our goal to provide customers with tailored solutions consisting of aluminum, brass, bronze and copper alloys that exceed expectations for performance. One of the ways we separate ourselves from the competition is by offering numerous metal blasting options for castings.

When you work with us for blasting services, we’ll walk you through our production process from beginning to end. We pride ourselves on quick order turnarounds to keep your efforts on schedule, and we’re fully equipped with our own blasting booths to complete jobs from our headquarters in the Detroit, Michigan, area.


Goff 6BB shot blasting machine

What is Metal Blasting?

Metal blasting describes the process in which professionals spray abrasive materials at an exposed surface. The intent behind this procedure is to clean, reshape or change the texture of a metal component. Metal blasting is done to prepare castings for exterior paint finishes, and the activity requires a controlled environment for even results.

Businesses in search of casting products benefit from metal blasting, as the components take on surface textures ranging from smooth to rough. Decision-makers can choose between media particles in unique sizes and materials for a specific outcome. Depending on the application, metal blasting involves the use of pressurized air, water or mechanical force. Metal blasting is useful for:

  • Removing rust and corrosion.
  • Eliminating dust and scale for painting procedures.
  • Preparing metal casts for outdoor installations.
  • Creating a surface that will accept a custom coating.

Our Metal Blasting Services

At Warner Brothers Foundry Company, we offer a range of blasting options. Choose from sandblasting, glass bead blasting and shot blasting services to manipulate the surface of metal alloys without the use of chemicals. Review the details below to see which method is appropriate for your project.

Sandblasting Services

Warner Brothers Foundry Company offers high-precision sandblasting services near Detroit, Michigan. Our staff members project fine particles of silica-based sand toward metal castings using nozzle attachments and compressed air.

Sandblasting offers an affordable way to smooth metal products quickly. Our professionals draw from decades of experience to complete projects safely according to your budget.

Glass Bead Blasting Services

Glass bead blasting enables our team to reuse media between procedures, saving you money long-term. Small glass particles are forced toward your metal casting at a slower speed when compared to sandblasting. This approach gives us the opportunity to clean and finish delicate components consisting of aluminum, bronze, brass and copper alloys.

Shot Blasting Services

Warner Brothers Foundry Company also has the capability to perform shot blasting services. In this process, we project spherical metal pellets at dense metal castings. Our shot blasting services in Michigan are ideal for large-scale assignments in which additional force is needed to alter a metal surface. The team at Warner Brothers Foundry Company handles everything from shot blasting aerospace parts to castings engineered for the construction industry.

One of our in-house team members will decide whether wheel blasting or air blasting is appropriate for the task at hand.

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Warner Brothers Foundry Company has been family-owned and -operated for over 65 years. We guarantee our casting quality and pride ourselves on delivery timelines that are faster than the competition.

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