Hot Isostatic Pressing in Michigan

Hot Isostatic Pressing Services

Placing a non-ferrous metal casting under extreme heat alters material properties. In order to erase imperfections across metal surfaces, hot isostatic pressing is performed to treat products with consistency.

At Warner Brothers Foundry Company, we have the means to complete hot isostatic pressing jobs with precision. Our pressing equipment makes it possible for us to increase the durability of original products and strengthen the bond between alloys. Trust our experienced team to engineer your high-performance components.


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What Is Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)?

Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) describes a procedure in which metal alloys are exposed to high levels of heat and pressure. Casting materials are lowered inside a vessel and furnace where argon gas makes contact with surfaces from all angles. The combination of heat and an inert gas creates an environment in which surface defects, like indentations and open pores, disappear.

Eliminating imperfections on metal castings reduces the chance of premature wear and tear. From aerospace components to exterior automotive parts, hot isostatic pressing methods improve product quality for long-lasting results.

Benefits of HIP Procedures

Hot isostatic pressing makes it possible to apply intense heat and pressure to metal products in a controlled manner. At Warner Brothers Foundry Company, we utilize computer programs to set parameters for treatments, including the total length of exposure. With metal castings enclosed inside a compact vessel, the application of heat and argon gas is distributed evenly for efficiency.

Our hot isostatic pressing equipment is excellent for reducing material waste and keeping production timelines on track. Our team accommodates metal casting products ranging in size for quick project turnarounds. Our hot isostatic pressing services come with several other advantages:

  • Castings are created with the highest possible density.
  • Your products feature a higher yield.
  • HIP processes improve corrosion resistance.
  • Businesses receive metal castings with prolonged service life.
  • Our team can bond two or more alloys together for a better-finished product.
  • Virtually no manual rework is necessary once HIP treatments are complete.

Applications of HIP

Our hot isostatic pressing company in Michigan has the resources available for high-volume production. Operating since 1955, Warner Brothers Foundry Company has had the opportunity to partner with clients from construction, agriculture, plumbing, plating industries and beyond. The HIP process is beneficial for products used in many applications:

Power Generation

Automakers rely on HIP practices for the creation of engine components. Heat and pressure treatments maximize metal density for optimum performance.


HIP treatments enhance a casting’s ability to combat corrosion in outdoor environments. Our services enable businesses to combine unlike alloys for strong bonds at the atomic level.

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Warner Brothers Foundry Company prioritizes casting quality with a focus on fine details. If you need help with an upcoming project, our experts are happy to offer recommendations for alloys appropriate for your applications.

Contact our team today to learn more or get a quote for HIP services.

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