713 aluminum ingot

713.0 (7.5Zn-0.7Cu-0.35Mg) Aluminum Alloy

  • Former designation. 613, Tenzalloy
  • Former ASTM. B26 ZC81A
  • Former SAE. 315
  • UNS number. A07130
  • Government. QQ-A-601, QQ-A-596
  • Description: 713 is commonly not heat treated. We typically always use 713.1 aluminum alloy. 713 is a high-strength aluminum casting alloy that has tensile, yield and elongation properties equivalent to the common heat treated alloys such as 355-T6 and 319-T6. The impact strength of 713 is greater than any of these alloys, and in several instances, the elongation is higher. 713 attains its strength by a natural aging process that gradually takes place at room temperature. The typical properties are reached after 10-14 days, and when testing for specification purposes, a 21-day period is used. Some slight further aging and strengthening takes place up to six months, at which time the alloy is stable and no further change of any kind takes place.


713 aluminum ingot

Typical Properties & Characteristics of Aluminum Sand Castings

Typical Aluminum Alloys (a) Approx. Weight, lb./in.3 Resistance to Corrosion (b) Relative Machinability (c) Castability (k) Weldability (Arc) (d) Typical Mechanical Properties
AA Former AA Designation ASTM Spec. No. Federal Spec. No. SAE Alloy No. General Stress Corrosion Cracking Ultimate Tensile Strength, ksi (i) Yield Strength Tension, ksi (e) (i) Elongation, Percentage in 2 in. (Round Specimen, 1/2" Dia.) (f) (i) Shear Strength, ksi (g) Fatigue Endurance Limit, ksi (h) Brinell Hardness (500-kg Load, 10-mm Ball) (j)
713.0-T5 613, Tenzaloy B26 QQ-A-601 315 0.102 2 B 1 4 4 35 25 4 26 9 74

Designations and nominal compositions of common aluminum alloys used for sand casting
AA Number Former AA designations Former ASTM number Cu Mg Mn Si Others
713.0 T5 210 30 150 22 180 26

Characteristics of common aluminum alloys used in sand casting
Alloy Fluidity Resistance to hot cracking Pressure tightness Heat Treatment Strength at elevated temperatures General corrosion resistance Machining Polishing Anodizing Appearance Weldability
713.0 3 4 4 No 4 3 1 1 1 4

Alloy Uses
713.0 General-purpose casting alloy for applications that require strength without heat treament or that involve brazing

Typical Tensile Properties for separately cast test bars of comon aluminum casting alloys
Alloy Temper Tensile strength Yield strength Shear strength Compressive yield strength Elongation %
Mpa ksi Mpa ksi Mpa ksi Mpa ksi
713.0 T5 210 30 150 22 180 26 170 25 3


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